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World’s first total Telecoms Intelligence Provider, Tektronix Communications, launches comprehensive set of solutions driving four dimensional assurance and intelligence

New Mobile Access, Care, Marketing, Media Assurance & LTE Roaming solutions launching at Mobile World Congress and ready for market now

BARCELONA – February 25th, 2013Tektronix Communications, the world’s first Telecommunications Intelligence Provider, announced today from Mobile World Congress 2013 the launch of a new range of solutions designed to give network operators a new competitive edge and address the four-dimensional needs of today’s 4G LTE and 3G telecoms businesses.

As recently addressed in Tektronix Communications’ 4D TIP Report,  detailing the emergence of the Telecommunicaitons Intelligence Provider space, to remain competitive, today’s mobile network operators need to focus on four dimensions – Subscriber behaviour, the Services they consume, the Technologies they use, and Network performance required to support their needs.

Today’s announced solutions are designed to offer an array of users in RAN network operations, engineering, core network operations, customer care and marketing to fortify operations in all four of these dimensions.  Together, they give mobile operators a complete end-to-end view with actionable intelligence gathered from the network’s core to the edge, from database to device.

“Having evolved from an assurance and monitoring business, into a full service intelligence provider, we’ve come to understand that our big data and analytics solutions are actually at the core of many of the most critical workflows within a service provider’s business, from network operations to the RAN to care to marketing,” said Lyn Cantor, President of Tektronix Communications. “Our unique value is our ability to combine actionable intelligence with our traditional assurance solutions to act as the operational connector between internal organizations.  This enables service providers to deliver on the promise of optimal network performance, quality of service & excellent customer experience, at the same time as forging deeper customer relationships, identifying new commercial opportunities and driving business efficiencies. No other company in our realm delivers as complete and clear a four dimensional picture as we provide.”


New Tektronix Communications Solutions launching at Mobile World Congress





The problem it solves

Mobile Access

Network, Technology

GeoSoft RAN

Among subscribers who call their service providers to report problems, an estimated 70 percent of issues are found in the radio access network (RAN).  Troubleshooting these issues with core network monitoring is often inefficient, ineffective requiring extremely costly hardware. GeoSoft RAN extends 24x7 monitoring to the access network, via software, providing the most cost-effective comprehensive troubleshooting from core to RAN, regardless of equipment manufacturer, with integrated geolocation capabilities visible from our Iris Session Analyzer and TrendNavigate applications.

CEM for Customer Care




touchpoint™ helps Tier 1-3 customer care organizations reduce support costs and expedite issue resolution.  ProAction enables proactive data analysis to help prevent customer issues from ever materializing.
touchpoint™ now features Web usability enhancements with drill down Iris Session Analyzer, as well as call quality management (CQM) support for corporate accounts and cell radius of location visibility.

CEM for Marketing




Service providers are only starting to scratch the surface of what effective, targeted marketing campaigns can do to increase revenues and reduce churn. Combining touchpoint and ProAction, CEM for Marketing helps service providers leverage subscriber intelligence to take the guesswork out of marketing campaigns.  Further, it allows marketers to leverage useful subscriber data to create meaningful and more effective campaigns and deepen customer relationships.

Media Assurance


Iris Performance Intelligence (IPI), Iris Session Analyzer (ISA) and Iris Traffic Analyzer (ITA)

With Over The Top applications encroaching on service provider revenues by the day, Quality of Experience (QoE) and security are the way to get a leg up on the “free” voice and video alternatives. Leveraging the Iris suite of applications, our Media Assurance solutions  help service providers assure the quality, performance and delivery of today’s all-IP voice, conversational and streaming video services.

LTE Roaming

Network, Technology

Roaming and Interconnect Assurance (RIA)

Where roaming is concerned, having the right partners and the right management tools in place can help protect and boost revenue streams.                                                                    With RIA, service providers get performance management with reporting on incoming and outgoing roamers from surrounding networks, regardless of technology domain, LTE, 3G or 2G.


Network-Wide Validation & Visibility

Network, Technology


Mobile service providers are adopting Diameter signaling and Diameter routing agents (DRA) at a rapid pace as LTE network deployments ramp up across the globe.  However, without proper monitoring, Diameter signaling storms can cause major network outages.  ISA and ITA now feature support for this important protocol and capabilities to both analyze failed sessions and streamline planning efforts.


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About Tektronix Communications

Tektronix Communications is uniquely positioned as the communications industry’s first Telecommunications Intelligence Provider (TIP) offering both service assurance and monitoring and network intelligence solutions that uniquely cover all four dimensions of the service provider’s environment: subscriber behavior, the services and applications they consume, the network environments they occupy and the technologies that enable them.  Our comprehensive set of assurance, intelligence and test solutions and services support a range of architectures and applications such as LTE, HSPA, 3G, IMS, mobile broadband, VoIP, video and triple play. Tektronix Communications is headquartered in Plano, Texas.  Visit us online at

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