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Are You Impressing Your Corporate Customers?

Meet High Expectations

Operators know that corporate customers demand the extra mile in service and quality, but haven't had the tools to deliver on it until now.  The expectations of corporate customers and VIP customers are getting higher; they need monthly and trending reports, assistance on how to pick the best handset, long-term service guarantees, and a view on the increasingly important Machine to Machine (M2M) segment. 

Tekcomms' Corporate Account Management (CAM) solution meets the challenge of managing corporate customers.  Built with a state-of-the-art user interface on top of Tekcomms' award winning Customer Experience Management (CEM) infrastructure, CAM provides optimized workflows for Account Managers and Corporate Care Managers.  Primarily targeted towards the business to business (B2B) segment, CAM supports the management of corporate customers and M2M accounts.

Real Insights in Real Time

The power of CAM lies in its ability to provide clear visibility into the individual customer experience.  Analyze voice, SMS, and data services in near real time to gain insights into subscriber device, location, and network access.  The actionable information produced from these insights gives care teams the ability to proactively deal with corporate customer problems, improves the efficiency of first-touch resolutions, and reduces VIP customer churn.

With CAM, operators can also provide the unique business value that wins new corporate customers.  Features such as M2M KPI management, reports customized specifically for corporate clients and preferential care for corporate employees are just some of the attributes that makes CAM the clear choice for operators who want to gain competitive advantage.

Incisive Analysis

CAM's ability to provide near real-time analysis, accurately measure service performance commitments, and glean relevant insights from a huge variety of data sources is what the agile operator needs to succeed in today's B2B service market.  With its advanced tools and unique visualization features such as geolocation, which dynamically pinpoints corporate customer issues on a map, operators who deploy CAM will quickly experience greatly improved efficiency and reductions in trouble ticket turn-around times.

Key Network Interfaces

Tekcomms' Corporate Account Managment (CAM) solution monitors a number of key network interfaces such as A, luCS, Gb, luPS, Gn and S1-AP.  A full suite of Customer Experience Indicators (CEIs) are delivered.  Also included is a view on cells, APNs and devices.  A full suite of graphing, alarming, and reporting is included along with powerful segmentation capability.  Specific corporate customer groups and VIPs can be focused on using a filtered view of the whole customer base.

Gain and Retain corporate customers and VIP customers with Tekcomms' CAM solution

CAM Dashboard - Corporate Account Detail View


Achieve Satisfaction in High Value Corporate Customers

Utilizing Tekcomms' market leading capability for analyzing complex data, CAM provides the ability to proactively monitor and manage corporate and VIP customers, ensuring that they are being served within the confines of pre-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Increasingly, price erosion is driving operators to further differentiate their enteprise offerings with a value proposition based on providing a high quality of service (QoS).  CAM is uniquely positioned to support those offerings with a feature set that allows operators to showcase their service and not only satisfy their corporate customers, but thoroughly impress them.