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IrisView for Network Visibility

How IrisView supports the daily management of a Network Operations team

Daily Management Scenario:

Bob is a Network Operations Manager for a Mobile Carrier in the Northeastern United States and his main responsibility is to ensure the health of the LTE and IMS core network elements that serve his region.  Bob leads a team of nine people who work remotely to cover various geographic switching centers.  For effective daily management and cross-team communications, the team needed:

  • Highly visual dashboards for quick identification of problem areas and immediate troubleshooting
  • 24x7 Automated notification of alarm threshold violations
  • Customized alarms and specific thresholds for a variety of monitored elements
  • Simultaneous access to a multi-user system.

The Solution

The Iris Suite of applications consisting of Iris Performance Intelligence, Iris Session Analyzer, Iris Traffic Analyzer, and Protocol Analyzer was selected for its ability to deliver superior network visibility. With this system, Bob’s team gains valuable insight into performance with accelerated problem identification, isolation, and troubleshooting capabilities which are all guided with intuitive workflows.

  • Alarm Management

Upon logging into IrisView each of Bob’s employees has rapid access to their domain of responsibility via a highly visual network health dashboard which gives them a clear view of any alarms associated with the elements they are responsible for.

IrisView Alarm Management for Network Visibility

  • 24x7 Notification of Alarms

As Bob’s team is not on-site 24x7, they rely heavily on the automated alarm function to provide notification when alarms occur outside of normal hours.  With this capability, individual techs receive an e-mail containing a direct hyperlink into the IPI application when immediate data analysis is required.  Bob’s team also uses the SNMP-based alarming to forward information to the NOC for backup purposes.

  • Customizable Threshold-based Alarming

A web-based application allows for customized thresholds to be administrated against Key Performance Indicators so that alarm conditions can be tailored for specific environments.  Alarm conditions that are common to all elements, for example, “packet throughput trending to zero”, can be applied to “all” or only selected elements.

IrisView Policy and Threshold Management for Network Visibility

  • Multi-User Environment

The centralized management panel allows Bob’s IT team to manage user accounts from a central GUI.  Each user may customize access to applications and hardware.  The IrisView application also supports a single source login point to eliminate the need for multiple userIDs and passwords.


With IrisView deployed, Bob’s team has adopted a “three-clicks to root cause” best practice in their company.  Their trouble ticket resolution time has decreased considerably as they now have the ability to spot, isolate and troubleshoot directly from the IrisView dashboard.