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Harness the full power of IP intelligence

The InfiniStreamNG™ platform mines traffic in real-time to deliver accurate and actionable data for service assurance, cybersecurity and business intelligence applications.


Who uses it
  • Mobile network providers
  • Cable/MSO providers
  • Fixed network providers
  • Enterprises
Why it's used
  • Drives digital transformation with business intelligence
  • Simplifies business analytics
  • Enables complete network visibility
  • Offers flexible deployment options that scale

Drive digital transformation with business intelligence

Digital transformation powered by detailed network, service and subscriber data is required to cost-effectively manage the next phase of your business. NETSCOUT provides the real-time, actionable insights you need to ensure the flawless and agile delivery of new and existing digital services. The InfiniStreamNG platform uses our patented, Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology to intelligently and efficiently analyze packet and flow data for a contextual view of service, network and application performance. 

Simplify business analytics

The InfiniStreamNG platform allows you to consolidate multiple specialized analytics tools and feeds a common set of metadata to a wide range of analytics stacks for insights into service assurance, application performance management, cybersecurity and business intelligence. InfiniStreamNG models can be deployed in tandem for seamless analysis across the entire network, making it easier and more cost-effective to monitor and gather intelligence from multiple sources, with no disruption to business processes.

Complete network visibility

The InfiniStreamNG platform presents real-time views of both the user and control planes with end-to-end visibility across physical and virtual network environments. Strategically deploying InfiniStreamNG models throughout your entire network offers a complete, seamless view and enables you to monitor and gather IP data from network domains that were previously cost-prohibitive. The InfiniStreamNG platform fully supports the nGeniusONE® and Iris application suites.

Flexible deployment options that scale

NETSCOUT offers multiple InfiniStreamNG models - appliance, commercial-off-the- shelf (COTS) and virtual - to cost-effectively monitor critical business services, mobile, fixed-line voice, residential triple-play, satellite and cable/MSO networks. InfiniStreamNG products scale gracefully to address network evolution and growing traffic volumes. Because processing and capacity needs differ, NETSCOUT offers several InfiniStreamNG models with varying storage capacities and some that can be expanded with Extended Storage Units (ESUs).

The InfiniStreamNG platform includes:

InfiniStreamNG 9700 and 9800 - Support 10 Gigabit, 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit networks. Designed for high-bandwidth applications and server virtualization within the data center and service provider environments. Extended storage capacity options available.

InfiniStreamNG 4700 and 4800 - Support 10 Gigabit networks and meet the monitoring requirements for service aggregation points, such as in the data center. Extended storage capacity options available.

InfiniStreamNG 2000 Virtual and 5000 Virtual - Extend NETSCOUT technology to virtualized environments by providing packet capture and end-to-end visibility of service performance.

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