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Data Enablement

Helps create new revenue streams

With our Data Enablement solutions, you can use your subscriber data to generate new revenue streams and replace obsolete data mining technologies. 

Who uses it
  • VP Strategy
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • VP Sales
Why it's used
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Provide anonymized consumer data to enterprises and government
  • Creating new marketing use cases for a mobile network operators enterprise customers, such as outdoor advertising, mobile couponing and banking-fraud alerts

Harness Network Data to Generate Revenue

Our Data Enablement solution enables us to work with operators to create viable, revenue-generating programs based on subscriber location and usage data. Our team of experts can help create an offering to deliver on the full value of the data, leveraging off-the-shelf capabilities and a multi-vendor platform to meet both the operators’ internal business needs and time-to-market requirements. We have the fundamental capabilities, expertise and relationships to launch a successful data enablement program to help you monetize your data.

Precise Data for Targeted Campaigns

Marketers, retail and finance users of the data are demanding more data precision than cell ID provides. The next generation of mobile data available today and pulls deep packet inspection (DPI) filtered data that provides increased accuracy and can scale to 100million-plus subscribers. We ensure your data is:

•  Always available

•  Representative of entire subscriber base

• Trusted and precise

• Non-intrusively collected

•  Device agnostic

•  Available as real time and historical

Develop Go-to-Market Strategies

With the massive amount of subscriber data mobile networks generate 24x7x365, operators can create innovative go-to-market programs that connect them with enterprise and government end-users. Our data collection and delivery systems can easily replace the antiquated and obsolete data mining methods. Based on this, we can work with you to develop the strategy that best meets their needs and the needs of your customers. You may choose to fill the role of full solution provider, joint-venture partner, new big data company, partner with market research firms or be a data-only provider.

Expand Enterprise and Government Use Cases

The depth of mobile network data allows marketers to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and trends. Historical data can be aggregated to identify patterns, such as where fans of a sport team live, while real-time data can maximize more urgent use cases, like fraud alerts and event advertising. There are tremendous use case opportunities and target enterprise and government customers, from retail and billboard advertising, to traffic planners and more. We can provide specific point of interest (POI) analysis, real-time geofencing and more.

Increase ARPU for Internal Departments

Once operators have full network data visibility, it can be shared with multiple internal stakeholders. With this accurate consumer location and usage data, you can create more effective marketing and customer care teams to help increase ARPU, subscriber uptake and first time resolution (FTR) while reducing the risk of new service introduction failure.

NETSCOUT's Data Enablement solutions enable mobile operators to monetize data by creating:

• vital new revenue streams by monetizing existing mobile network location data

• elegant and savvy solutions to replace obsolete and imprecise data collection tools

• programs that meet company and regional privacy regulations

•  an innovative go-to-market model that connects operators with enterprise and government buyers of their data

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