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Network Data Mediation - easy access to critical business data

DataCast ensures performance management and troubleshooting applications are successful across all network domains by cost-effectively feeding data to third party, proprietary systems and Big Data Lakes.

Who uses it
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Fraud
  • Marketing.
Why it's used
  • Mediation to preserve data integrity
  • Duplicate checking
  • Digit analysis
  • Correlation for multi-network combinations
  • Parameter mapping
  • Programmable output
  • Broadcast to multiple destinations

Unique output

With DataCast, network operators can leverage a flexible process for generating a unique output - Hybrid Data Record (HDRs) - for use with downstream business intelligence, planning and service management systems.

Faster ROI

By sharing captured network data with multiple systems, DataCast provides a faster ROI for network operators.

Lower TCO

Through one network data mediation platform with flexible and tailored outputs, DataCast lowers total cost of ownership.

Save CAPEX and network bandwidth

By processing only the data needed for applications, DataCast saves operators network bandwidth and Capex spend.

Unique insight

Datacast provides unique insight into network behavior with parameter mapping i.e. handset information on every call.

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