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GeoProbe® GeoBlade™

Manage mobile growth without limitations

Meet GeoBlade, the newest member of the GeoProbe family.  Its elastic software and modular hardware help you manage massive traffic growth while minimizing TCO and physical footprint.     

Who uses it
  • Mobile network operators
  • Next-gen network operators
  • Fixed network operators
Why it's used
  • Massive capacity supports network traffic growth
  • New elastic software and modular hardware improve data availability and integrity
  • More processing and bandwidth power than COTS hardware
  • Real-time packet processing and dynamic classification

Massive capacity and powerful scalability

GeoBlade is ideal for carriers of any size because it addresses both multiple network elements at the same site and high capacity network elements.  GeoBlade supports a wide range of IP-based technologies and powerfully scales to help support the growing volume of traffic crossing your network.  With the ability to support data transfer rates of 10 Gbps to 100’s of Gbps, GeoBlade collects and fully correlates massive amounts of data in real-time.

Ensure the availability and integrity of your data

GeoBlade’s elastic software architecture consists of multiple layers where data packets are enriched and summarized at each processing step.  Each software layer scales independently enabling overload protection and adaptive load balancing across all in-service blades which also improves data integrity.  GeoBlade contains built-in resiliency backed by RAID6 data storage to guarantee the availability of your data.

Improve data availability and integrity

GeoBlade delivers ingrained resiliency and overload protection enabled by its elastic software architecture and modular hardware.  Its multi-layered software architecture scales independently allowing data packets to be enriched and summarized at each processing step.  Overload protection is achieved by adaptive load balancing across all in-service blades, while built-in resiliency is backed by dual Master Blade Controllers (MBCs), dual power feeds, and RAID6 data storage – all to guarantee the availability and integrity of your data.

Harness volumes of data

GeoBlade’s 80 physical ports (any mix of 1G/10G) permit you to decide what traffic is aggregated and processed, which can help reduce or eliminate the need for separate aggregation equipment.  GeoBlade has a powerful line rate of 800 Gbps and delivers 5 times the processing density and 35 times the intra-cage packet bandwidth of COTS hardware, so it can easily handle the growing volume of traffic traversing your network and still be ready for more.  

Manage TCO

Network traffic congestion is at an all-time high and will only continue to grow.  GeoBlade’s capacity and scalability enabled by it elastic software and modular hardware make it the best value per square inch in monitoring technologies on the market.  

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