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GeoSoft RAN

Virtual instrumentation for unparalleled visibility into your Radio Access Network

Without adequate visibility into the RAN, troubleshooting, data analysis, and planning activities have a high component of guesswork.  GeoSoft RAN gives you the data you need.

Who uses it
  • RAN Engineering and Planning
  • RAN Operations
  • CTO
Why it's used
  • Network performance, small cell offload management, service introductions, CAPEX spend management.
  • First call trouble resolution, outage prevention, network upgrade management.
  • Acquire and analyze supporting data for technology advancement and new services.

See what you've been missing
  • By monitoring the radio access network with GeoSoft RAN, you'll have end to end visibility of signaling and media as it traverses your network.


Eliminate the cost of ad hoc drive testing
  • With 24x7 network-wide GeoSoft RAN monitoring, subscriber-based information is readily available without a truck roll.


Solve issues that can't be recreated
  • GeoSoft RAN supports historical recall of collected data to enable anytime analysis of issues within the context of the conditions in which they occurred.


Eliminate the inefficiencies of multiple disparate toolsets
  • Applications launched from a single GUI enable you to see end-to-end signaling and media flows, analyze network performance, and optimize the RAN.


Cost-effectively monitor the access network
  • By harvesting information directly from inherent element trace ports of multiple vendors, GeoSoft RAN delivers 24x7 network-wide monitoring with a more affordable virtualized software deployment.


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