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Iris Analytics


Iris Analytics is a powerful Telco Big Data Analytics platform that processes and analyzes large amounts of network and non-network data to uncover timely and intelligent insights.  

Who uses it
  • Mobile network operators
  • Next-gen network operators
  • Fixed network operators
Why it's used
  • Integrates with your data lake via a modular and scalable architecture
  • Empowers your organization with the data they want, in the format they use
  • Features modules delivering customer intelligence, guided workflows, alarms, ad hoc reporting, data monetization and more

Supports Big Data Initiatives

Iris Analytics is a vendor-agnostic solution that collects and correlates data from network and non-network sources, and with open APIs at every layer, you can extract the information you choose. Built upon a modular and scalable architecture, Iris Analytics is designed to support large amounts of data and to integrate with existing database applications and BI tools.  

Improves Customer Experience

By linking network KPIs with Customer Experience Indicators (CEIs), Iris Analytics helps you understand the customer’s journey - from their point-of-view.  Iris Analytics enables proactive tracking of network and service performance for individual VIP users.  Empower T2 and T3 care teams to provide exceptional service by adding subscriber intelligence and geolocation insights for accurate location, services used and where/when customers are having issues.  Utilize peer group analysis to identify other impacted customers.  

Do More with your Data

Add customer intelligence to your CEM strategy via the collection, correlation and refining of large volumes of subscriber data, and share this actionable intelligence with users across the organization – in whatever format they use.  Iris Analytics supports real-time and historical analysis of data across multiple dimensions - device model and software, services, social media, sites visited, tariff plans and more.  Offer this valuable data to targeted buyers in verticals such as consumer research panels, advertising, marketing, fraud, government, tourism and more.

Reap the Benefits of a Rich Telco History

Iris Analytics is based upon years of telco domain experience and first-hand knowledge of CSP challenges. We offer the most extensive collection of CSP KPIs, use cases, customized workflows and reporting capabilities - to help you improve customer experience, productivity and troubleshooting time.

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