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Iris Performance Intelligence

Identify issues, resolve problems, plan for success

Iris Performance Intelligence (IPI) enables the capability to ensure that your customers always have the best available network service experience.

Who uses it
  • Network operations
  • Service performance engineers
  • Network planning
Why it's used
  • Fast identification of performance issues
  • Troubleshoot QoS anomalies
  • Accurate network planning

Fix the highest impact issues first

With its dashboard reporting system and deep library of canned reports, IPI will call out the issues that cause the greatest impact to your service offerings.

Stop issues before they become problems

Using trending, thresholding and alarming functions, IPI can notify you when service levels fall outside of their expectations.

Empower revenue-generating organizations

IPI automated reporting services empower marketing and sales organizations with the data to create service packages that attract and retain subscribers.

Maximize the revenue from OTT applications

Deep Packet Classification function provides a granular view of Over-the-Top (OTT) application usage. Use this this data to build appropriate service bundles for OTT applications.

Optimize your “Just-In-Time” capex spend

IPI’s historical trending data gives valuable insight into network planning teams to determine where and when additional capex investment is required.

Resolve customer and service issues fast

Use the IrisView dashboard to quickly spot KPI threshold violations generated by Iris Performance Intelligence and drill directly into the troubleshooting process with real-time data. 

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