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Iris Traffic Analyzer

Unsurpassed visibility into the entire network

Iris Traffic Analyzer (ITA) provides advanced identification and resolution of network, service and infrastructure performance issues – often before your end users are impacted.

Who uses it
  • Network operations
  • Service performance engineers
Why it's used
  • Analyze traffic behavior
  • Gain insight into customer experience
  • Verify change control
  • Assist with capacity planning

Enable a better customer experience

Rapidly analyze traffic on links, nodes, and applications to identify and troubleshoot behavioral anomalies that negatively impact customer experience.  

Regain capacity without additional spend

Find and eliminate sources of messaging overhead and retransmission that rob capacity from additional subscribers.

Bulletproof your service offerings

Use ITA to establish a service performance baseline. Create automated alarms to highlight deviations from expected behavior.  Visualize anomalies easily using the IrisView dashboard.

Iris Traffic Analyzer provides 1 minute visibility into traffic

Upgrade and manage your network with confidence

Integrate ITA into your change control processes so that you are never burned by an upgrade gone wrong. 

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