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Q-VUE is a powerful service monitoring application that accurately reflects how mobile subscribers perceive their experience with streaming video content.

Who uses it
  • Network operations
  • Network planning
  • Service planning
  • Customer care
Why it's used
  • Network health and service hot-spot identification
  • Network planning and resource utilization
  • Development of new service offerings
  • Churn detection and prevention
  • Corporate and NPS reporting

Look at mobile video quality from every angle.

Quality metrics measure the original source content quality, the effects of any network degradation, and account for variations in device screen size and capabilities. 

Monitor the most popular media services, network wide.

A bit stream-based approach eliminates the need for original, source video referencing when calculating quality metrics, simplifying YouTube, Netflix and other popular OTT service monitoring in the largest, Tier 1 networks. 

Gain a better understanding of growing encrypted video traffic volumes.

Encrypted video now accounts for more than 50% of a service provider’s streaming traffic. Q-VUE generates the same video quality metrics for all encryption levels with renewed focus on the type of video subscribers are really watching.

Monitor streaming-optimized data plans.

Use quality metrics to determine if streaming video is being managed to expected resolutions and quality levels.

Enrich your analytics and enable better decisions.

Highly granular streaming video quality metrics can be viewed by device type, media site, network location, subscriber, and many other parameters.  

Guard against subscriber churn with CRM system integration.

Streaming video KPI reporting extends customer care visibility to pinpoint customers at risk due to a declining video experience.

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