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Roaming and Interconnect Assurance

Gain valuable insight into existing and potential carrier partnerships to maximize roaming revenue.

RIA analyzes network data and provides visual reporting that spells out how partnerships are functioning, where they need management, and where new partnerships are needed.

Who uses it
  • Marketing
  • Network Engineering
  • Roaming Groups
  • Troubleshooting
Why it's used
  • Analyze existing partnerships for profitability
  • Troubleshoot problems from high volume countries
  • Ensure seamless application usage

Gain Deep Insights Into Roaming Activity

Customers gain an in-depth understanding of where their outbound subscribers are travelling to, where the inbound roamers are coming from, and what services are being used. This information helps operators build effective roaming partner agreements, reduce revenue leakage and protect their preferred partner status.

Analyze Performance of Interconnect Partners

RIA provides a suite of proactive problem management features that analyze roaming performance. Operators can mitigate regulatory and service related complaints, identify revenue opportunities and barriers, and increase the number of call completions. All these enable operators to improve customer satisfaction, increase customer retention and generate higher revenues. Operators can also identify illegitimate network traffic such as SMS spamming to help conserve bandwidth and minimize revenue leakage.

Determine Best-Cost Routing

RIA provides information that helps identify if traffic should be steered toward one carrier over another.

Verify Quality of Service (QoS) Provided to PLMN Customers

Customers can proactively manage and verify their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by partner using KPI-based alarming functionality. Installed KPIs help identify if QoS, traffic volume, and other SLA values are being honored.

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