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Performance Management Powered by GeoSoft RAN

TrendNavigate supports access network investigation and performance monitoring with timely visibility into traffic radio network quality.

Who uses it
  • RAN Engineering and Planning
  • RAN Operations
Why it's used
  • Improve troubleshooting processes and performance.
  • Accelerate the time to fault isolation.
  • Eliminate dependence on biased NEM-based metrics.
  • Simplify decision-making and validation of problem root-causes.
  • Uncover transient problems within actionable time periods.

Prevent Problems and Improve Efficiencies

Good network design and efficient utilization of resources is compulsory for the prevention of problems and optimizing RAN capacity. As LTE adds additional layers of complexity to these fundamental tasks, RAN Planning and Engineering teams have to move forward with clarity and confidence. TrendNavigate offers enhanced visibility and actionable intelligence to help you get the most out of your network and personnel.

Guide and Validate CAPEX Spend

Adding RAN capacity often requires a significant investment and operators are under pressure to make every purchase count. Comprehensive KPIs provide the statistics necessary to accurately characterize RAN performance with effective Operations Maintenance Center (OMC) baseline capabilities that can guide network tuning recommendations to improve capacity.

Gain Instantaneous, Actionable Views

KPI dashboards serve as the launching point for problem investigation and capacity planning tasks by delivering a composite view of network performance over time. KPI Details and Cause Reports complement high-level performance views with failure distributions by network and element and top-worst performing cells for impact analysis and prioritization.

Identify Compromised Coverage Areas

Cell Benchmark Reports track the performance of single cells based on accessibility, retainability and mobility KPIs. This information can reveal coverage and interference issues contributing to observed KPI degradation. With support for multiple KPIs and third-party OSS counters, multi-cell comparisons may be analyzed within a single report. 

Differentiate Performance by Service

With the introduction of Voice and Video over LTE, service providers must differentiate RAN performance based on the services provided. TrendNavigate LTE enables this distinction with visibility to RAB setup Failures and Drops per QCI for a more accurate picture of the quality of experience for LTE services.

Address Complex Handover Scenarios

When analyzing handover performance, information about the serving cell is of equal importance as its relationship to neighboring cells. Cell Matrix capabilities enable root cause analysis for cross-interference issues when troubleshooting inter and intra RAT handover failures. Neighbor Management report options ensure ongoing success with quick isolation of configuration errors resulting in “Missing” and “Unused” neighbor cells.

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