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The leading RAN Geoanalytics Platform

TrueCall® provides real-time and continuous RAN data that enables operators to drive new technologies, improve network performance, optimize the customer experience, and reduce OpEx.

Who uses it
  • RAN performance, planning and optimization teams
  • Customer support representatives
  • Big data monetization and marketing teams
Why it's used
  • Diagnose network and device problems in real-time
  • Understand demand density and drill down to map usage
  • Study traffic patterns, geolocate dropped calls
  • Minimize drive testing
  • Gain an end-to-end view from radio network to IMS

A New Generation of Real-time Mobile Geoanalytics
  • Understand live, real-time network performance by location, device, subscriber, service, and technology

  • Optimize mobile network performance and customer experience one subscriber at a time, one device at a time, and improve overall network performance statistics

  • Minimize risk and deploy VoLTE and other QoS services with far greater confidence and lower costs

  • Plan small-cell deployments and other network investments, determining where to add capacity sites to achieve the most dramatic impact and related improvement in network performance while getting more from CapEx

  • Replace inefficient and costly drive testing with continuous flow of data from the RAN

  • Feed location data to geomarketing solutions to monetize subscriber data

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