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Training and Telecom Certification

Build muscle and productivity with advanced training and 2G/3G, IMS, and LTE certification programs.

Telecom Certification

Offered through Learning Services in partnership with MPIRICAL, the Certified Professional program is the perfect stepping stone for advancing your career in network engineering. Our program provides knowledge combined with practical application to help your engineering organization manage the day-to-day affairs of your network  with maximum productivity.  Every individual that completes a Telecom Certification program undergoes a curriculum that  covers detailed hands-on training in the Iris and GeoProbe products, application of the products to network procedures, and advanced troubleshooting techniques.

We offer four different certification tracks and you can become certified in one or all of them:

  • SAE / LTE Certification
  • IMS Certification
  • 2G/3G Data Network Certification
  • 2G/3G Voice Network Certification
Certification programs are validated by Middlesex University in England.  Students who achieve telecom certification can apply the coursework towards one of the post-graduate programs in Mobile Telecommunications Engineering.  To read more about this exciting program, click here.



Training Services

We offer a broad range of training courses at all levels, from introductory product use to advanced system administration and troubleshooting.  Engineers who have successfully completed our training programs have mastered:

  • Effective fault analysis, mitigation, and repair techniques
  • In-depth LTE, IMS, Broadband data and voice service concepts
  • Management of the award-winning GeoProbe platforms
  • Troubleshooting packet switched, circuit switched , LTE, and IMS networks
  • Relevant network protocols, procedures, services, and policies

Training is delivered in a variety of formats to suit different budgets and learning needs:

  • Self-paced eLearning
  • Onsite instructor-led training
  • Live workshops and seminars
  • Job aids for daily tasks

We can develop tailored eLearning modules or classroom training to address specific requirements of your organization.

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