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Assure your 2G / 3G network, services, and customers.

2G/3G technologies are globally deployed and relatively mature, yet problems accompany every new service offering, application, network expansion, and device introduction.

The challenge for network operators

Network operators face the challenge of interworking legacy networks with infrastructure and technology evolutions such as HSPA, LTE & IMS. Ensuring interoperability amongst 2, 2.5, and 3G networks, vendors, and various software/firmware releases is a significant challenge for any carrier. Tektronix offers a suite of products and solutions that can ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your deployment and operations.

The cost is likely sunk. Focus on maximizing the return.

Paging failures, dropped calls, media quality issues, poor coverage, or capacity expansions – you need to protect your investment with the ability to resolve issues quickly and within budget.

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