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Customer Care

Reaction is often not enough, get proactive with your Customer Care

My calls are dropping!  I can’t access the web!  I can’t send short messages!  My data bill is too big!  These are common problems that your customer care department may face every day.

It’s a fact that technology turns like LTE/4G and the proliferation of smart devices are driving volumes of support calls up by more than 25%.

Of those issues, surprisingly, more than 50% of them go unresolved.   The fact is, people do not like calling a customer care center.  By the time a customer places a support call, they have likely become frustrated with several failed personal attempts at problem resolution.    When they call, they want fast answers and fast resolution.  If they don't get them, the likelihood of churn skyrockets.

10-25% of smart devices are returned by customers, and of those, 60% of the devices have no faults.

Telecom Trade Magazine

Reactive and proactive customer care solutions

Our solutions enable you with reactive and proactive care.  Reactive customer care gives you real-time access to customer data so you can see the detailed facts of each problem.  Proactive customer care lets you notify your customers with solutions so they don't have to call customer care in the first place.

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