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LTE / 4G

LTE management means LTE performance

LTE 4G is a massive technology turn.  LTE deployment requires huge financial and time commitments under aggressive schedules and fierce competition.  Customers are eager for service and have high expectations.  Your LTE performance will ultimately define your success.

Quality LTE management leads to exceptional LTE performance. After deployment, you must assess your LTE service by examing the performance of the network, the offered services, and the subscriber behavior.

With the right set of LTE 4G management tools, you can reduce your technical and business risks considerably.  Troubleshooting tools must provie end-end-end correlation of control and user plane with visibility from device-to-content.  LTE performance tools must provide measures of service assurance and media QoE.  And  customer experience tools must be able to evaluate behaviors to drive service offerings. 

Successful LTE 4G deployment is critical because it enables more revenue-generating rich media services such as VoLTE.

LTE 4G Management and Performance Solutions

Our LTE management portfolio keeps constant watch on your LTE access, core, and roaming networks. From the incoming and outgoing packets on the e-NodeB, to packets traversing the nodes in the core, and to the applications generating them, our tools give you the end to end visibility and insight to provide the highest levels of LTE performance.

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