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Radio Access Solutions

Elevate the customer experience with a complete, real-time view of the RAN.

Monitoring the radio access network delivers critical subscriber-level data to solve problems faster, improve network efficiency and elevate the customer experience.

Many carriers rely on equipment vendor counters and core network monitoring systems to gauge and maintain the performance of their radio access network. Unfortunately, counters and disjointed KPIs can misrepresent the subscriber experience. And, without visibility to the actual signaling associated with handovers , resolving issues often results in a costly backlog of trouble tickets.

With NETSCOUT’S RAN solutions, vendor-independent traceport collection capabilities complement proven troubleshooting tools and a powerful geoanalytics platform to help you accurately measure performance and effectively pinpoint subscriber-affecting issues across 3G and 4G networks for mobility, data and VoLTE services.

Delivering a simplified and actionable view for RAN analysis, optimization, RF troubleshooting and planning teams, our solutions deliver the 24x7 real-time visibility needed to reduce your reliance on drive testing and improve your engineering efficiency all the while protecting and profiting from an elevated subscriber experience.

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