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Data Monetization: Generate New Revenue Sources

Data Enablement solutions increased ARPU by nearly $3 in just 3 years.

All data meets company and government privacy guidelines.


A top-tier mobile operator faced a combination of declining revenues, increasing market pressure from non-traditional competitors and rising subscriber churn rates


The operator launched a data monetization program by implementing a flexible platform to access the data its network generated around the clock and enriched it with geolocation and usage information.

The operator delivered this population-wide data in real time to new vertical enterprise customers. These customers used the information to drive campaigns and replace antiquated methods of reaching new and prospective customers.


With NETSCOUT'S Data Enablement solutions, the operator was able to deliver the following to its customers:

  • Increased cost-per-click efficiency by 22% for the largest advertiser
  • 100% increases in click-through rates
  • Targeted billboard ad buys from 350,000+ US billboards
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