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Execute Maintenance Upgrades with Confidence

The Opportunity

Maintenance of network infrastructure and all the components involved can affect the customer experience. One of the core facilitators of an effective network maintenance solution or strategy is proactive monitoring. Proactive monitoring allows potential problems to be detected and remedied before they cause an outage or affect operations. During the upgrade, a large US service provider’s network operations team identified high network congestion, and that 50% of customers in multiple markets were experiencing poor audio quality

The Details

During network upgrades, optimized configuration settings can be overridden. After a series of upgrades, these resets can impact customer experience - as it occurred in this case. Subnets were improperly tagged and caused QoS mismatch issues which impacted customers’ call quality. Using nGeniusONETM, the team applied corrective actions by adding specific triggers to report on improperly tagged subnets for the QoS policy. These reports were standardized and are now being used during upgrades to predetermine status of subnets and proactively resolve QoS mismatch issues.

The Result

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE solution helped this customer:

  • Provide quality reports on all call center media metrics
  • Provide a clear path to root cause
  • Provide a preventative option to maintain optimized network settings
  • Provide standardized reports to proactively manage subnet resets
  • Involve customer support early for initial analysis and subsequent guidance to resolution
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