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Quickly Isolate Resolution of Subscriber Issues and Improve MTTK


The Opportunity

The Opportunity As front line experts, Tier 1 (T1) team’s capacity to quickly localize problems and make timely escalations is vital to improving Overall Subscriber Success Ratio and Mean Time To Know (MTTK). In one case scenario, the T1 team at a large North American carrier were inundated with alarms indicating that 51,000 roaming subscribers were experiencing LTE connectivity issues. Initial assessment from triage to escalation endured for an average of 5 hours, with every passing minute counting against a successful MTTK narrative

The Details

With persistent spikes in data failures impacting multiple markets, T1 support teams must quickly assess specific networks, offending devices, and subscribers through near real-time alerting with a precise path to examine historical evidence. At the time, the T1 team faced laborintensive workflows which prevented timely evaluations. T1 teams are measured on a series of activities to ensure timely closure of tickets – answering subscriber’s inquiries, initial troubleshooting of all incoming issues, and timely escalations. The ability to quickly close tickets directly impacts MTTK.

The Result

NETSCOUT’S nGeniusOne solution helped this provider reduce initial triaging time to 1 hour and:

  • Provided near-real time alerts across specific markets
  • Provided historical evidence and a clear path to the number of unique users impacted during the outage
  • Provided targeted recovery of offending devices
  • Customer support offered extensive assistance to improve post outage analysis
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