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Reduce Lead Time and Fix Inbound Roaming Issues within 5 Minutes

The Opportunity

Network operators must have precise visibility into subscriber roaming performance issues for home and partnered network elements in order to proactively assess performance. In one market at 3:00 a.m. local time, a large US service provider detected traffic failures for 100% of inbound roaming subscribers. Within 5 minutes of the alarmed issue - the team quickly prioritized efforts and was able to identify scope, impact, and root cause.

The Details

In this case, the Network Operations Team applied proactive monitoring to set up automatic alarming of events for early detection of traffic failures. Using the details in the alarm messages, the team was able to fix all inbound roaming issues within 5 minutes.

The Result

NETSCOUT’S nGeniusONE solution helped this provider to reduce issue resolution and:

  • Provided near-real time alarms to proactively detect events
  • Provided evidence via specific error messages with a clear path to root cause
  • Provided technical support to propel and improve analysis
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