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TrueCall®: Accelerate Troubleshooting with Real-time Data

By simplifying tasks, you can save time and increase engineering efficiency by 30% or more.

Greater efficiency means improved customer satisfaction and reduced churn.


A nationwide wireless communications provider serving about 6.6 million customers believed costly engineering resources were being monopolized by the following:

  • Trouble ticket resolution escalations
  • Law enforcement requests
  • Other customer issues

In some instances, individual cases were taking up to two days to resolve.


Using TrueCall® software and training, the service provider was able to quickly integrate and access customer data from one location.

Because TrueCall uses real-time data and call data archived up to one year, it provided a powerful desktop tool for personnel, who no longer needed to pull data from various sources. Not only did TrueCall reduce the time spent pulling records and client-related data, it allowed engineers to analyze data faster.


The TrueCall implementation achieved significant savings and helped increase engineering efficiency by more than 30%. With engineers getting more done in less time, job satisfaction was increased. 

Greater efficiency improved customer satisfaction and reduced churn.

With TrueCall, you can:

  • Quickly search actual customer call activity
  • Use live data immediately from your desktop
  • Pull large amounts of data for specific times and locations
  • Filter on key fields to speed processing and drill down
  • Pinpoint problem areas for analysis using phone number searches to accurately resolve customer issues in minutes
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