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TrueCall®: Reduce Inefficiencies with Real-time Network Visualizations

A regional provider  saved nearly $750 per tower site with the TrueCall® solution.

Antenna optimization is complex and time-consuming. Manual adjustments make the process prone to error. Simplify and save with TrueCall.


A regional telecommunications company providing wireless, local telephone service and internet access spent a minimum $1,000 per tower climb every time antenna adjustments were needed.An additional $150 per hour was billed by tower crews when multiple adjustments were required.


Using TrueCall® software and training, this operator could visualize its network within hours of initial install and make appropriate antenna adjustments using a real-time interface. Engineers were able to pinpoint network problems, direct a tower crew to make adjustments, and check those adjustments immediately. Tower crews remained on site, making modifications as engineers monitored the traffic impact in real time. The resulting time saved in each adjustment was roughly two hours. With an average of three adjustments per antenna, this translated to a savings of approximately $750 per site.


By implementing TrueCall, the company made more accurate antenna modifications at a fraction of the price, resulting in better network performance.

The payback period on their TrueCall investment was less than one year. With TrueCall they were able to:

  • Quickly check results with TrueCall’s real-time feed 
  • Create consistent study polygons and easily analyze antenna modifications 
  • See traffic on a geographic basis 
  • Lower tower-climbing costs
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