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VoLTE: Avoid Delays with Effective Troubleshooting

You can achieve 20-30% troubleshooting improvement with visibility across RAN, CORE and IMS domains.

With comprehensive troubleshooting of every VoLTE call hop and handover, NETSCOUT delivers the visibility and insights you need to ensure you are ready to roll.


A tier one operator wanted to accelerate the uptake and use of VoLTE services. Subscribers were offered new VoLTE-enabled devices as part of a regional promotion. Unfortunately, initial employee trials with these devices in the region indicated VoLTE call drop ratios were increasing. The operator was concerned that: 

  • Isolating the cause of these drops would consume troubleshooting teams and require costly escalations. 
  • Inability to resolve the problems quickly would delay the targeted launch of VoLTE services.

There are a number of issues that can contribute to  VoLTE call drops. Coverage gaps often occur due to changes in topology or neighbor cell interference. 

Visibility to the SIP messages between the Call Session Control Function and the Telephony Application Server can provide valuable information about current and future RAN coverage needs.

Phased upgrade activities can result in mismatched software loads and incompatible handover situations between eNodeBs. Examination of failure cause messages between the PGW and PCRF will help to isolate problematic MME tear down of associated bearers.


NETSCOUT’S VoLTE solution: 

  • Enabled visibility across domains for comprehensive troubleshooting of call hops and handovers.
  • Efficiently pinpointed areas where additional capacity or signal boosts were needed to ensure connectivity
  • Allowed for real-time monitoring of interoperability issues introduced during maintenance windows.
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