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VoLTE: Protect Your Brand with a Successful Launch

By ensuring a smooth and on-time launch, a tier one operator satisfied new VoLTE subscribers.


A tier one operator about to rollout VoLTE services nationwide was concerned that:

  • The network and engineering teams were not ready for anticipated traffic volumes.
  • Quality of VoLTE services provided would be harder to track on a national scale.
  • Any negative publicity would slow uptake of VoLTE services and erode brand equity.
  • Latent performance issues could result in project delays or require rollback.

Experience with early VoLTE deployments enables swift implementation of field-proven best practices and more relevant KPI calculations.


With expectations for VoLTE call quality riding high, the operator needed to find a way to keep on top of voice service performance. Five critical KPIs provided the necessary guidance and ensured that subscribers would have a positive experience with VoLTE from Day 1.

Accurate calculation of these metrics with ongoing comparison of performance between regions  helped the operator set and maintain performance benchmarks as new subscribers came online with VoLTE-enabled devices. Ultimately, a problem free, quality voice experience accelerated uptake and continued use of VoLTE services.


NETSCOUT’S VoLTE solution:

  • Offers executive reporting options that summarize VoLTE service performance across regions.
  • Delivers more accurate insights with intelligently calculated KPIs for a true reflection of service degradation.
  • Reduces customer calls through proactive alarms and ongoing monitoring of elements, domains and devices.
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